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                          Outsourced IT / Network Service Management

                          Outsourced management can help you navigate through the complexities of today’s IT systems. Managing a project from start to finish is vital to?its success. Ensure you place your trust in highly capable hands.

                          Project Management

                          Utilising their specialist skills, your Project Manager will ensure your IT project is completed on time and within budget.?If required, your Project Manager can also attend meetings with third parties acting as a representative of your company.

                          IT Decision Making

                          Your selected strategic and technical advisory team can act as a virtual IT Director, by helping you to identify new IT opportunities, plan for the future and manage change from start to finish.

                          Strategic Planning

                          At board level, IT management is about strategy and outsourced IT Management can help you smoothly handle issue such as:

                          • How can you ensure that your IT needs are met over the coming?years, within budget?
                          • How can you guarantee your IT supports the wider growth and development of your business?

                          Outsourcing your IT management function is an effective way of providing the IT leadership your business needs, without the costs associated with employing someone in a full time role.

                          Complete Turnkey’ Solution

                          For over a decade IMEX have worked with small and medium sized businesses (SME’s), making their IT much stronger by adding specialist skills to their own resources. Differentiating us from our competitors, IMEX are one of a small number of IT companies that can offer you a complete holistic approach to your IT requirements.

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