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                          Website Security Most of the time attacks on your website are by robots trawling the web for known vulnerabilities. Since these are known there are some simple steps you can take to make your company’s website more secure. Automated Backups This does not make your website more secure but it should be top of your […]

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                          Google has made searching the vast amount of content on the internet pretty straight forward. You can make your search as broad or as narrow as you want. Searching for “cats” will provide you with a high number of search results – way more than will be useful and at this point you would want […]

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                          Although a fairly simple feature, it can be useful in many ways, if you aren’t sure how to take screenshots or where they can be beneficial, please read on.     To take your first screen shot, follow these simple steps. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button?at the top of your phone. Simultaneously press the?home button […]

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                          Part 1 of our guide to improve employee IT Safety

                          Often people don’t realise there are common techniques and applications which can be used to crack passwords and gain access to vulnerable accounts. IMEX has compiled the following tips to help protect your employees and your company from such activity. Common Types of Attacks Dictionary attacks: These password cracks rely on software that automatically plugs […]

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                          The ‘From’ option is generally used when you have been granted permission to send on behalf of someone, ‘Bcc‘ allows?you to blind copying recipients into an?email, especially useful when emailing recipients from multiple companies where you do not want them to see each others email address. How to enable and disable this feature Open a […]

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                          While the touch capability of Windows8 works great on a tablet or mobile device, its not so easy on a non-touch pc with a traditional setup, Keyboard shortcuts make the whole process a lot easier. Keystrokes Result Windows key () Switches between the Windows 8 apps and Start screen and the Windows Desktop (or the […]

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